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Memories are priceless. There are times when you need something classy to commemorate an exceptional accomplishment in life, anniversaries, or even a birthday. That’s when you have to look into getting your portrait taken professionally. From framed fine art prints to stunning digital images for your social media needs, your portrait needs to be timeless and elegant!

These days, clients don’t really have the time to visit a photography studio to get their image taken. And if going to a studio and having a portrait session in front of a canvas backdrop doesn’t fascinate you, then you are looking into fine art environmental portraiture. As a professional, I take portrait commissions worldwide. Shooting is done on-location, in your place at your own convenient time. Every portrait will be unique from client to client as each location carry a different type of lightings and shadows. By adapting to available lights and diverse shooting spaces, the result will be a portrait that looks novel and natural without transforming it into typical commercial-looking shots.

Time waits for no one!

Children don’t stop growing just because we forget to have their portraits created, and neither your age. Soon it will be next month, next year, or next decade, and you can’t turn back time to when you want it to be! Scroll down for more details on getting your first fine art portraiture.

I specialise in fine art portraiture, which represents a faithful and artistic representation of my subject, timeless and elegant to be treasured for a lifetime. In the creative world, art is very subjective. But, if you landed here on my page and appreciate my style of environmental portraiture, chances are we do speak the same visual language. And to deliver subtle emotion to viewers visually is not an easy task for any creative artists. It takes artistic vision, photographic skills, and experience to accomplish them well.

Fine Art Prints

All portraits ordered will be printed on a Giclée fine art paper with long archival life, which conforms to museum quality standards for highest age resistance. I carefully selected the Germany brand Hahnemühle fine art paper which has a delicately textured surface and a smooth, silky feel. In combination with the premium inkjet coating, it produces an elegant finish with a subtle, pearl-gloss effect. Once printed, the paper impresses with outstanding reproduction of colour and detail, deep blacks and striking contrasts. The chosen paper type is also the best match for my style of digital darkroom processing.

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