Aizat K

I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and currently live and work as a freelance photographer in Oxford, United Kingdom. 

In a parallel world, I am also the founder of Storymarvel, a successful video and photo production company in Malaysia, serving corporate clients locally and Internationally. 

In all of my creative works, I strive to create compelling photographs that are distinct than others. From people portraits, things, and places, I have a penchant for seeking and for creating still pictures that ‘speaks’.

A non-conformist by nature, I see things differently than most people, and that helps my visual creativity as a photographer. I enjoy travelling and hopping from one coffee shop to another in searching for a good cup of coffee and a memorable moment to capture every day. I just can’t sit idle, or I will die of boredom!

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I am randomly active on Instagram at @aizatkfilm

“If there’s one thing that you will miss in life, it is the moment that passes you by. There is a saying that we don’t remember days but we do remember moments. Camera is a tool that enable me to capture it, and passion led me to living this creative life after years of dabbling in the mundane corporate world.

Photographing the perfect moment is an art in itself. Freezing it forever, timeless and regal”