Documentary Wedding & Event Photographer

Hi there! I am Aizat K and I am a full-time photographer. There are plenty of wonderful photographers out there doing their magic but my style is different as I have a penchant and keen eyes for peak moments. Real, natural, exciting, and spontaneous.

I will be there during your special day and capture all those beautiful moments, the laughters, the looks, the love and its connections, the stuff that people often overlooked but is important to relive back years later.

I will be photographing as the day unfolds, often discreetly to ensure that you will have a total freedom and enjoying your day. Totally unposed and realistic.

All my photographs are carefully edited using my bespoke filmic color style that I developed myself, as I found that warm color do bring in real emotions and memories rather than the currently infamous trend of super bright and white-ish dreamy looks images.

If you like my approach of photography, do contact me for bookings and inquiries at

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Essentially what photography is is life lit up