Director / Cinematographer / Photographer / Editor

AK is a freelancer specialising in visual creative, cinematic commercial & branded content. He dabbled in photography since 2008 while at the same time juggling his day in the corporate world for almost 10 years before his affection for motion and still visual creatives finally led him to go full time in the filmmaking industry. His reasoning is simple. A creative mind doesn’t belong in a mundane, lifeless and routine environment. You just got to let it roam wild and free!

A strong proponent of a shreditor (a person who shoot, produce, and edit a video production by himself), he believes that technology advancement has disrupted the way the traditional production house works. Filmmakers today go to onset location with small footprint, but still delivering high quality film distribution at a fraction cost of a bigger production company.

These days, he can be seen wandering around the city with his faithful Billingham bag, hopping from one coffee shop to another, getting his mind caffeinated all in the name of creating content for the next!

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Available for worldwide productions.