Aizat K is a photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has a degree in IT and previously worked professionally in the corporate world for a few years before pursuing his passion in the creative industry. A self-taught photographer, he has been taking photographs since 2008, in multiple genres from street photography to events and fashion before finally concentrating all his creativity into people photography. His portrait styles can be defined as environmental portraiture (portrait with a location context), with a focus on emotion and faithful representation of the subject, hence his choice of black and white, and soft drab colours in post-processing.

Well-versed in studio lighting, he discovered greater satisfaction in on-location photography using only natural lights. He believes that too much artificial lighting tends to take away the characteristics of his portrait works and find moderation and balance in lighting a portrait is vital. He also thinks a portrait is best portrayed with the presence of a real environment, rather than having a blank canvas as the background. From landscape, things, to people portraits, he has this ability to give his photographs soul, by playing with light and shadow within the environment, as well as anticipating the perfect moments.

At this moment, he currently resides in Oxford, UK. When he’s not out shooting, he can be seen wandering around the city and hopping from different coffee shops to another in searching for a good cup of coffee every day.

You can reach him at or on Instagram at @ak.portraits.