July 19, 2020

Creative Photography for Brands in Oxford

We live in a world where everything moves fast. These days photographs ended on a small screen of mobile phone and get flipped through by viewers on average of less than 2 seconds. And if you are in marketing, you know the phases that all potential customers will go through before making their purchase decision. But on this post I will not write about marketing but what good photographs can do in the world of fast, fast, and fast. They say that time is money? Then you need to know about how creative photography can help brands and business getting their message across. Read on.

The right caption under a photo can capture a user’s attention, only when they pay enough attention to actually read the words. It is best to be complemented by a good photograph. Sometimes when it is visually attractive, people can write words within themselves, just by looking at the photograph without reading the caption. If the photo is relatable to the viewers, they automatically associate their own experience or feelings. That’s why brands and businesses do need creative photography to elevate their brands’ awareness, often in the context of complementing their marketing message.

Boring, average photographs will be skipped in a flash—good photographs in mere seconds. But the stunning, beautiful photograph that invokes emotions will make people slow down, and stop, just to think and relate their mood/experience/feeling with the photograph. That’s where brands hit their home run.

This technique has been employed not only for creative photography for brands and businesses, but it is at the core of photojournalism. A photograph should tell stories, it is not just about pretty pictures. I came from an event photography business in Malaysia, and I know how just how important stories are, especially towards events organizer. They need high-quality event photography that speaks about their event, without them needing to write lots of words for their news release post-event.

Combining photojournalism in creative brand photography is the most effective way to get a good engagement for your brands and businesses. Staged corporate photos, in my opinion, is a thing of the past. It is 2020, and crafted content such as visually stunning photographs will win customers. The example of talented photojournalist that tells stories with photographs are Andrew Quilty and the famous Steve McCurry.

Slow down, and get the message across to the viewers, in a beautiful and relatable medium. That’s where a good brands photography comes into place. I currently live in Oxford and is happy to provide my creative photography services for brands and business, or event photography locally, or anywhere in the UK.

Check out my recent works with the Oxford Market Barbers via the link below in higher pixel resolutions. They have a gorgeous interior and the barbers there are cool and awesome!