January 8, 2019

Photographers and Their Visions

Hello, 2019! It’s time to start writing again since I have a lot of free time now. So what makes a photograph looks pleasing and beautiful? Ask any photographer, and you might hear the answers such as..it is the lens! The expensive lens. Some might say it is the talent of the photographer, and some said it is the editing and filters and such. First of all, every photographer will have their own unique distinct voice or vision in their photographs. But a good photograph is always about a combination of 3 essential factors. The main 3 factors are to creativityequipment, and editing skills of the photographer. A photograph can still be made if 1 of the 3 elements are not there. However, it will never have that ‘feeling’ and the ‘look’ that the photographer is associated with. In my future post, I will drill down further into another 3 factors, which are the composition, finding the perfect lights, and anticipating moments. All these in perfect sync will make a good photograph, but often it takes years of practice to combine all of it in a split second!

Everyone can buy the same camera body, lenses, etc. but in reality, it is the unique views and creativity of a photographer that creates images that is distinct only to him. There is a saying that equipment is just a tool, just like what a brush is to a painter. But even paint artists has their own favourite brush. Some photographer swears with their 50mm, some with a 35mm, some like an ultra-wide 16mm, some like a lab-slicing Otus or Sigma sharpness and some like the classic soft with a swirly depth of field from a Helios lens. Nothing is specific as it is all subjective and more often than not, it boils down to the shooting spaces that you have. Again, when talking about gears and equipment, it is very much personal and nothing is definite. It is very much tailored to the specific needs of the photographer. One would like a very lightweight and small lens, but others might love the heavy beefier lens for stability and the quality of the glass. Lastly, the editing skills play a huge factor in ensuring the photograph can produce the vision that the photographer wants his viewers to experience.