July 11, 2021

Finding Your Photography Style

Finding your photography style

The big question, do you find your style, or it is developed over time? I believe in the latter. Looking back at all the photographs I shot over the years, I find a similar pattern in all the shots I took. Fleeting moments and tranquillity. I find that a beautiful photograph is always the open-ended type. The one that allows one’s mind to wander and think further. The one that invokes emotion and memories of the viewers.

Often, the close-ended photographs, no matter how perfect and virtually pleasing it is, will go by in a flash, especially on the Instagram. This applies to landscape photography, still photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, and all types of photography.

Hence, I enjoy the type of photographs from documentary photographers, especially from war documentary photographers. There’s something unique about storytelling from them photojournalists, and that’s what I am inspired for in my creative thought process when taking photographs. The honest representation of reality, non staged and as pure as it gets. Fine art portrait photography is best done when it depicts a moment, a real moment.

I don’t create my style of photography. It is just how I shoot, and it became what people call a style or a niche. And it’s refined and polished over the years of shooting. I’m forever chasing the exciting light and producing the perfect imperfection in my fine art photography.