December 15, 2019

Oxford Christmas Market 2019

This blog post is about Oxford Christmas Market 2019, which was set at the heart of the city on beautiful touristic and historic Broad Street. It was night time and the first time I was there, I was smitten by the colours and the vibes. It’s packed with locals and tourists alike, and the cold winter night makes a cup of warm coffee taste better.

I told myself I will revisit the Christmas Market again with my camera, and arm with a 50mm lens I took a few photographs and make a photo film out of them. It is a short film, but as a person who also shoots and edits videos for a living, I can’t resist the urge to produce a video out of them. I launched FCPX and arrange the photographs together with a piece of beautiful background music.

Photographs and music, I can’t separate them both. Sometimes when I do my portrait session, and depending on the type of portraiture, I always play a song in my mind so that I can have the mood in tune with the portrait concepts.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the video.