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Hello there, I am Aizat K, a photographer based in Oxford, UK. 

My photography ethos is always about simplicity. Essentially, it's all about understanding the light, composition, poses and lens choices. There's a delicate process in looking at a particular scene, knowing what should be in the frame and what shouldn't.

I use a selection of rare, highly sought-after legacy manual lenses from the analogue era, mainly produced in the 1970s due to their distinctive portrait rendition aesthetics and tactile feeling. They have the elusive attribute known as character, which I believe gives soul to my photography, and you can't really put your finger on it. That luminous glow and the softness of the contrast make any face look beautiful, not to mention the serendipity you get with manual focusing. Over the years, I have developed my unique colour palette reminiscent of the old analogue film photography in both colour and black & white. Although I enjoy coloured photographs, I find great pleasure in creating timeless, classic black & white portraits. 

I can be commissioned for a photography service in Oxford, or anywhere in the world. If you love my photography style and enjoy my creativity, contact me by clicking the link below.

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