about my portrait photography

As a portrait photographer in Oxford, I am delighted to provide my photography services to clients from various backgrounds who mostly found me via the Internet. Most whom I have worked with enjoy the type of portrait photography that I produced, a style that one said resonates with her. Another said it's very intimate, considered, and elegant.

To be honest, I am flattered that my work is cherished by others, and I believe every artist would love to have that kind of recognition. In a sea of photographers, our photography style comes from within. Having viewers who appreciate my style gives me the greatest pleasure of creating more beautiful photographs.

Now, what can be considered a great photograph? The answer is that it is subjective. Clients who hired me chose my visual style of photography, and I thanked them for it. There's no such thing as a great photograph for everyone. It depends on the eyes of the viewer who look at the photographs. 

My photography ethos is always about simplicity. Essentially, it's all about understanding the light, composition, poses and lens choices. There's a delicate process in looking at a particular scene, knowing what should be in the frame and what shouldn't.

I can be commissioned for a portrait sitting anywhere in Oxford, London, or anywhere in the world. If you love my portrait photography and want my portrait photography service, contact me by clicking the link below.






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