from beautiful souls


"Aizat is blessed with keen and sharp eyes, a quick response to a new environment that he needs to include in  his photography, artistic sensitivity concerning lighting and composition, and the most wonderful interpersonal skills that enabled me to feel relaxed in front of his camera (a rare feat for myself). It was a pleasure working with him, and I have used his portrait shots of myself with my sculptures many times over since then for various applications."


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aizat for the first time and it was brilliant! His pre-shoot comms were very efficient. The flow of the shoot was amazing. Aizat has a really good eye for detail is highly creative with an intent to capture stunning photos. He’s also extremely friendly, professional. I love how all the photos turned out, definitely recommend working with Aizat !!! I hope to work with you again soon."


"We loved working with Aizat, great guy with an artistic eye and attention to details. Excellent photos with an artistic after-work filters and touch! Highly recommended."


"There was great communication from first point of contact all the way to sharing the finished photographs. We had a mood board with a detailed plan so I knew the look we were creating and I had great fun on location getting lots of interesting shots. Aizatk has such a lovely personality and is very creative giving great direction to me but also allowing me to improvise and move freely in front of the camera. The finished photos were sent the next day with a stunning selection. I cannot recommend Aizatk enough!"


"It was great to work with Aizat throughout the shoot process. He was really considerate about how comfortable I was with the shots outdoors and because he planned everything we got everything done in great time. He also took a lot of care after allowing me to select which photos I’d like which I really appreciated."


"Many thanks Aizat for a great photoshoot at our workshop… an easy and enjoyable session with super outcomes."


"I am a difficult person to photograph as I do not feel comfortable with how I have changed over time and there are few features of my current face that I recognise. Aizat was able to produce photographs that I can use on my social media which are friendly and engaging and I recognise as me."


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