December 26, 2020

Portrait Photography, Oxford

There are plenty of portrait photographers in Oxford and London, or anywhere around the world doing excellent photography service with their creativity. One can found an extensive range of photography services from couple portraiture, newborn, family portraiture, lifestyle, fashion, and many others in various price points.

However, my black and white portrait photography is a little bit different. I am enticed into the old paintings and is very keen on exploring portrait photography dated back to the Victorian era. You know, the kind of moody portrait, no-smiles, eyes didn’t look at the camera. I don’t think they have such expensive lights, multiple modifiers or light shapers, and luxury backdrops back then. But the kind of portraits they made, feels whole and full of emotions. Something I think is missing in the portrait photography world right now. Do you know what it is? For me, it’s the inadequacy in their technology and the rawness of emotions that the modern world is lacking. Today, it’s always about, perfections, and more perfections. Everything is sharp, that’s what everybody is looking for from their lens, the pin-sharp focus on the eyeball. Not to mention, the hours of retouching done on the face, smoothing the pores out, etc. Bear in mind, it’s NOT wrong, though, but it is just NOT for me. Period. I know it doesn’t work for some of you too. 🙂

I have shot in multiple photography genres for years before concentrating on the classic, fine art black and white portrait photography. It takes me quite a long time to find my own unique voice. But I’m glad I finally found the one. I know some of you photographers out there are still struggling about this. But keeps on shooting and one day you’ll find this peace too, just like everybody else who did.

I never stop learning. It is good to learn and have many creative references from old masters or modern experts. Looking for inspiration is good, but I always found out the best works I have is when I let my creativity flow naturally. It’s amazing how our creative mind works, and it also makes us a photographer/artist unique and different. And the last thing we want to be is a copycat of another artist.

Until next time, take care.