August 19, 2021

Standing With Giants

I visited the outdoor art installation, the Standing With Giants, at South Park, Oxford. It’s a tribute to all the NHS staff, with 300 life-size figures in 60 different design configurations, standing proud at the park, overlooking the Oxford city skyline. It was a surreal experience.

Before the visit, I have seen countless photographs posted by Instagrammers. There are some pretty amazing pictures, vibrant and full of colours. I told myself I need to go and view it myself and photograph it my way!

It was such a gloomy day, with a chance of rain, so I don’t see myself getting any exciting light at all. And since it’s just a casual walk in a park, I brought along my 11 years old small digital compact camera, the Lumix LX5.

I don’t think you would notice from my portfolio page which one was taken with a 10mp camera and is from my 42MP mirrorless camera. Sometimes I favour old technology better; with a CCD sensor and fewer megapixels, it gives my photographs a bit of those imperfections that I crave. And to reemphasise my point in my other blog posts, it’s never about the gear.