December 21, 2020

The Gear Question

I often receive random questions from people who are attracted to the style of my photography. But the one thing that is common among them is on the type of gear that I use. When I started photography back in 2008, I too was intrigued to know what others are using. But over the years, I began to realize that they are just tools. It is the creative thought process of the photographer that I should be focusing on. It is the why, the what, the when, and the how that matters. By learning the process of another photographer, I gain something. Knowing that they use a specific brand of a camera, or lens focal length won’t make me a better photographer.

Let say you put 5 different cameras or lens on a desk. Those tools, either a film camera, a crop or a full-frame digital camera, a medium format digital camera, or the decadent Leica cameras, won’t get you a single photograph unless you as the person, operating them. To iterate, that means, if you like a photograph, it is definitely not because of the tool that the photographer is using.

It’s like asking a chef what type of pans did he use because the omelette tastes so delicious! But one can definitely get better by gaining some insights from the chef, trying to understand the process, how the chef cooks it, and of course his secret recipes 😄

Till then, take care.