July 7, 2021

Visiting The Divinity School in Oxford

I went to the Divinity School in Oxford recently. It’s a medieval building and is a part of the University of Oxford. The reason I went there is that the sun outside is too harsh for my liking. Sunrise is early during this season. Usually, when I arrived in the city for some photography, the sun was directly on top of my head. That spells a disaster for photographers. Instagrammers may like the bright sunny weather, but not those who always after the best light possible. Summer is the season when I look outside the window and see the sun is often too bright, and I decide to just caved in the house. The best time to do photography in Oxford during Spring and Summer, in my opinion, is two hours before sunrise and sunset. But sometimes I prefer hard light, only if I would like to have some exciting shadows often seen in the countless lanes and back-alleys in Oxford city.

And how to get exciting photos in this harsh lighting situation? I opt for indoors. So I paid £2.50 for the entry fee to The Divinity School, searching for the opportunity to take some interesting photos. I think 3 Harry Potter movies have been filmed here at this location in Oxford. And I didn’t feel disappointed. It’s rare for me to put pictures on a blog post, but I attached a few here. The rest of it has been uploaded to my ‘Dreaming Spires’ collection. You can view my collection of Oxford Photography by clicking this link.

There’s no standard shot of The Divinity School. I took a few of the usual touristy style photos just for the sake of being there. What interests me is taking pictures of the Radcliffe Camera from inside the room of The Divinity School! The contrast between the light and the shadow area has made that £2.50 worthwhile.

Here are some photographs from my visit to the Divinity School, Oxford.

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